Ideas on Tap April 30th

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with Barbara Lorraine Laing
Serendipity, Synchronicity: How do they teach?
7pm start on the main floor

Barbara Lorraine Laing is a PhD student and instructor currently living in Kingston, Ontario. She is currently a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education studying spirituality in transformative adult education; how ‘serendipity’ teaches on the life path. Previously longlisted for the CBC Poetry prize, her creative work appears in Grain, Room, The Antigonish Review, and The New Quarterly.

In this talk, Serendipity, Synchronicity & Other Surprises: How Do They Teach?, Barbara will discuss contemporary scholarly research on themes such as surprise and cognition, embodied spirituality, and ‘wide-awakeness’, encouraging us to think about how moments of surprise can lead to meaningful (and often life-changing) learning experiences.

Cellar Door Project Fun Raiser

Fun Raiser

You must have heard we’re throwing you a party on June 15. In order to throw you the perfect party, we need to get to know you.

Join us next Sunday, April 14th at the Grad Club from 2-5PM and dance, drink, and get to know some party people. We’re throwing you a space-themed party with face painting, tunes, party planning, and space themed cocktails!

If you’d like to volunteer with the event, DM us or shoot us an email at

Party on, moonbeam.

Ideas on Tap Speaker Series

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Ideas on Tap Speaker Series
with Chantal Valiquette
Institutions of Moral Reform
Examining the relationship between the Kingston
Penitentiary and Rockwood Asylum form 1855-1918
Tuesday March 26th
7pm in the Main Room
Chantal is a third year medical student at Queen’s University’s School of Medicine. Her interests lie in the intersection of history, the humanities, institutionalization, and medicine. Her project was funded through the Associated Medical Services’ Hannah Summer Studentship Award in 2018.