Nov 2nd at The Grad Club


WHO: Mark Mattson, President of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
WHAT: The Water Literacy Tour
WHEN: Wednesday November 2, 5pm
WHERE: The Grad Club, Queen’s University, 162 Barrie St
WHY: Because water knowledge matters

Are you water literate?

Mark Mattson is a prominent environmental lawyer who has spent the last decade building a network of successful community-focused environmental organizations across Canada, including Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. He will talk about what we can do make our Great Lakes more swimmable, drinkable and fishable into the future.

Born into a family of lawyers in Southern Ontario, Mark grew up with a passion for fairness and individual rights. He has worked in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors over the course of his career. As a prosecutor, first for government and then for NGOs, Mark was part of ground- breaking private prosecutions and administrative cases against major industrial polluters.

After ten years in the courtroom, Mark began to devote more time to developing institutions that stop pollution, protect human health and restore watersheds for generations to come. He sits on the board of directors of four Waterkeeper organizations in the U.S. and Canada.