Nerd Night Banner nIdeas on Tap Speaker Series
with Prof. Blaine Allan
“The Best Movie Ever Made (is only 7 minutes long)”
Blaine Allan is a Professor in the Department of Film and Media, and has been for many years. He’s written extensively on Canadian film and television, filmmaker Nicholas Ray, and Beat Generation-related film and culture, but this session isn’t about any of those things.
Monday Jan 28th at 7pm

Drag The Halls charitable Drag Show

Drag the HallsAll AGES Matinee starting at 6pm and a 19+ Encore Performance starting at 9pm

A Christmas themed drag show with a purpose. The proceeds will go to a wonderful charity, the Rainbow Railroad. The mission of Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBTQI people as they seek safe haven from state-enabled violence, murder or persecution. Register and come out to a fabulous show at the Grad Club knowing you are also helping a very good cause.

Ideas On tap Speaker Series Nov 27th

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Nerd Night
Ideas on Tap with Royah Khorsandi
“Social Media and the Power of Art, Yoga and Thinking Differently”
Tuesday Nov 27th
7pm on the Main Floor – FREE TO ALL

Social Media has become ingrained in our global culture and daily lives. Whether we utilize it or not, or to what extent, doesn’t matter. In fact we are all affected by it in some way or another. It can be a great way to connect, share and spread information; however, these same qualities that make it great are also what can make it troublesome. How people harness and utilize it is what matters. We’re only just beginning to realize the impact and influence it can have on individuals, communities and societies as a whole. Despite all this, though we can’t control exactly how our societies evolve, we can play a part in how we contribute to this change and how we let it affect us. Through learning to: think differently, make time for creativity and prioritize physical, mental and emotional health, we can build the resilience required to cope and thrive in a rapidly changing digital age.

Royah Khorsandi is a Queen’s University Alumna, visual artist and yoga instructor. Having attended college both before and during the rise in popularity of social media, she became interested in studying how it affects human behaviour. Through personal and professional experiences she’s realized the need for practices that create greater resilience and contentment, particularly those incorporating art, creativity and mindfulness. She currently lives in Kingston, Ontario with her husband and daughter.


Fundraiser for The Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library tomorrow Oct 12th.

BOAG is very pleased to present….

HOOVER JAM 4 – at The Grad Club!!

Featuring the music of:

Dympna McConnell * Hot Dogma
The Braveyard Whips & Friends *
Al Duquette and the Wild West
Tony Silvestri Music

Come smile, hug, clap, hoot, holler, sing, stomp & dance in a celebration of the lives, loves & music of the late, great Michael Hoover, Joe Chithalen & Chris Ward.

$5 at the door.
Donations accepted.
All proceeds benefit the MILL!!


Nerd Night Speaker Series!

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September 25th with Dave Timan 7pm FREE To ALL

Nerd Night
Ideas on Tap Speaker Series
with Dave Timan
Little House on the Parking Lot
Dave will be discussing what is currently happening locally to allow tiny house or tiny house like living in Kingston and the area as well as look at housing in general and other approaches to sustainable living. He will give an update on the progress of his Tiny House Project.
Free Admission to ALL
7pm start on the main floor