Closed for Repairs

Hi Everyone! Wow what a stressful week it has been at the Grad Club! We had 13 pipes burst today that put our repairmen behind schedule. Our repairmen are working super hard but the hurdles keep arising. Hoping to be able to open for 8pm Friday Jan 12th.  We will keep you all updated and cannot wait to reopen!


Closed Jan 8th

Hi Folks. The Grad Club will not be opening on Jan 8th as planned. We have no heat due to burst pipes. Hopefully open on Tuesday if all goes well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nerd Night Speaker Series Oct 24th 7pm

Nerd Night _nNerd Night round 2!! After the outrageous success of our first Nerd Night of the season, we are pleased to bring you another evening of knowledge on tap brought to you by Laura Pascoe. Read the description below!

Getting Cliterate: An exploration into the little known truths
and buried pleasures of the clitoris.

The full extent of the clitoris and all her intricacies are often misrepresented, inadequately addressed, or downright absent. Neglecting this important sexual organ has implications for sexual health, sexuality education, gender equality as well as intimacy, self-knowledge and self-confidence. This talk will explore what we know about the clitoris, how she works, why her capacities and needs are too often side lined, and why sexual pleasure is so important.

About Laura:

Laura is a feminist, activist, practitioner, and scholar who received her PhD in Geography from the University of California at Davis. Her work focuses on gender justice and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Currently, she works as a consultant for universities and NGOs, including UNAIDS and WHO, and is also a labour and childbirth doula.

Gonna be a good one!! Hope to see you there 🙂