The over 2500 members of the Grad Club are derived from the five membership constituencies: the School of Graduate Studies and Research, the Faculty of Medicine, the MBA program, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education. Students in these disciplines pay a small portion of their student fees to help fund and operate the club, and in return receive a number of benefits.

All full members receive:

  • A 10% discount on all food items
  • Discounts on tickets for some special events (excluding concerts)
  • The opportunity to book club rooms for meetings or special events free of charge (for more information on room bookings, click HERE)
  • Room bookings can be invoiced for members free of charge

Students who choose to opt out of their membership automatically lose these privileges – But through discounts and special offers, your membership ends up paying for itself!

If you are an undergraduate student, a faculty or staff member, or a member the Kingston community who simply appreciates top notch food and drink, you can still enjoy the many benefits of Club membership by becoming a social member! To become a social member, apply in person at the Club.

*The Grad Club reserves the right to revoke memberships at any time in accordance to the Club By-Laws or House Rules. The Club’s By-Laws and policies can be viewed by clicking here: Grad Club By-Laws (as of March 31, 2012)