Room Bookings

Room bookings are free for all members during operating hours.  Members also receive priority for bookings (For more information about becoming a Grad Club member click HERE)

Make your booking through our new Room Booking Site!

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For non-members during operating hours:
Downstairs Room Charge:  $50.00, Upstairs Room Charge:  $35.00

Weekends for Private Events:
$200 members/ $400 non-members

Rooms/Floors available to book:

Main Floor: Henderson Lounge and Bar None
Second Floor: South Side and Law Side
Third Floor: McKee Lounge/Band Room and North Side Board Rooms (2)

Personal Bartender for 2nd floor bookings:
*NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT* for Upstairs Bar $50.00
For members: $35.00




Orders MUST be received at least 48 hours in advance
All prices are before TAX and 15% Gratuity, membership 10% discount not available on catering trays
*Trays are 18” in diameter*

Cheese Tray (assortment of cheeses, crackers) $60.00 large, $40 small
Veggie & Dip Tray (cut up veggies, homemade dip) $45.00 large, $25 Small
Fruit Tray (seasonal assortment of fruits, bite-sized) $45.00
Dessert Tray (fresh sweets, cookies, cakes, tarts etc. cut to bit-size pieces) $35.00
Hummus and Pita Tray $25.00
Meat Tray (Assortment of rolled cold cuts) $50
Sandwich Tray (8 sandwiches on choice of white or multigrain bread, ham, turkey, curried chicken, egg salad or hummus- with lettuce, tomato, cucumber) $40

Other Group Options*
Horn of Mayhem $18.85 Nachos $15.30
*large quantities of these items MUST be ordered in advance


Special Notes

No weekly bookings past 8 pm

Absolutely no bookings on Thursday after 7 pm and Friday between 4-8 pm

No all ages events


How to Book:

Please call the Grad Club and have the following information ready:

  • The dates and times of your booking
  • What rooms you would like and if you need a bartender
  • If you want catering, and how much

Call us here: (613) 546-3427

You may have need for sound set up or security. The Grad Club does not provide or facilitate these services. We recommend the following resources available in Kingston:

Soundworks 613.344.0300                                  Student Constables 613.533.2734

*Management reserves the right to amend, cancel, and move bookings*