Room Bookings

Room bookings are free for all members during operating hours Monday to Friday.  Members also receive priority for bookings (For more information about becoming a Grad Club member click HERE)

Make your booking through our new Room Booking Site! 

**Please read the information below before booking**

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For non-members during operating hours:
Downstairs Room Charge:  $50.00, Upstairs Room Charge:  $35.00

Weekends for Private Events:
$200 members/ $400 non-members

Rooms/Floors available to book:

Main Floor: Henderson Lounge and Bar None
Second Floor: South Side and Law Side
Third Floor: McKee Lounge/Band Room and North Side Board Rooms (2)

Personal Bartender for 2nd floor bookings:
*NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT* for Upstairs Bar $50.00
For members: $35.00




Orders MUST be received at least 72 hours in advance
All prices are before TAX and 15% Gratuity, membership 10% discount not available on catering trays
*Trays are 18” in diameter*

Cheese Tray (assortment of cheeses, crackers) $60.00 large, $40 small
Veggie & Dip Tray (cut up veggies, homemade dip) $45.00 large, $25 Small
Fruit Tray (seasonal assortment of fruits, bite-sized) $45.00
Dessert Tray (fresh sweets, cookies, cakes, tarts etc. cut to bit-size pieces) $35.00
Hummus and Pita Tray $25.00
Meat Tray (Assortment of rolled cold cuts) $50
Sandwich Tray (8 sandwiches on choice of white or multigrain bread, ham, turkey, curried chicken, egg salad or hummus- with lettuce, tomato, cucumber) $40

Other Group Options*
Horn of Mayhem $18.85 Nachos $15.30
*large quantities of these items MUST be ordered in advance


Special Notes

No weekly bookings past 8 pm

Absolutely no bookings on Thursday after 7 pm and Friday between 4-8 pm

No all ages events

No outside food or catering


How to Book:

Please book online and state the following information:

  • The dates and times of your booking
  • What rooms you would like and if you need a bartender
  • If you want catering and what items you would like to order
  • Your Grad Club Membership Number – ( A Non-Opted out Grad/Professional Student Number or Social Membership Number)

You may have need for sound set up. The Grad Club does not provide or facilitate these services. We recommend the following resources available in Kingston:

Soundworks 613.344.0300

*Management reserves the right to amend, cancel, and move bookings*